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Murphy, North Carolina HVAC

Mundy’s Heating and Air is family operated since inception in 1978.  The heating and air conditioning company serves the Tri-State area of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee as the company is centrally located at 14120 West U.S. 64, Murphy, NC 28906.

Since 1978, they view themselves as a neighborly company as they serve communities from Blue Ridge, Georgia, Blairsville, Georgia, Young Harris, Georgia, Copperhill, Tennessee, McCaysville, Tennessee, Tellico Plains, Tennessee, Robbinsville, North Carolina out to Sylva, North Carolina, Bryson City, North Carolina and Franklin, North Carolina. Our Corporate Office is in Murphy, North Carolina, but we work at serving the Tri-State area due to our years of experience and passion for heating and cooling industry.

The inception of our business began in Murphy, North Carolina, Hiwassee Dam, and the Ranger community, but over the years, we have grown to install and service customers across thirty-six or more communities crossing three states.  Our trained HVAC technicians are caring professionals who utilize their knowledge and skills to provide quality service to our valued customers to the areas we love and serve.

What To See In Murphy

Murphy, North Carolina is the county seat of Cherokee County and is located in the heart of the beautiful and majestic Appalachian Mountains.  The origin of the town dates back to 1839.  Downtown still thrives with many businesses and historic buildings. You can find some places to eat outside and enjoy the social atmosphere of the southern hospitality. Murphy has restaurants, many unique shops and many different interesting stores and establishments within walking distance once you park downtown. It’s a beautiful town to enjoy among the mountains.  The people make it a special place to visit.  We live and work here, so this Tri-State area is an awesome place to grow up, find the love of your life, get married, work, and raise a family.

As for Cherokee County, it is North Carolina’s western most county and located in the southern tip of the Great Smoky Mountains.  Like Mundy’s HVAC who serves the Tri-State Area, Cherokee County is boardered by the states of Georgia and Tennessee.  Murphy is located within two hours driving distance from four major metropolitan cities.  It is a rich county based on natural beauty from our lakes, rivers, streams and mountains.  We get to enjoy four season most of the time due to our moderate weather. As you explore all the outdoor activities and historic scenery, you will find that the folks around these parts are friendly and mountain hospitality is like no other place on earth.

Part Of the Community

As for Mundy’s Heating and Air, we will be sharing a little bit about each of the communities in which we have a pleasure of serving.  All of them in the Tri-State Area are special in some form or fashion as the people understand the value of service, integrity, and relationships.  We care about the customers we serve in the Murphy, NC community as we work, live and play with many of them.  Thank you for your business and trust in the service and support we provide all our valued customers.

If you need any help with your heating and air conditioning needs, call us at (800) 245-4822 to schedule a free quote or estimate.  We can upgrade your existing equipment or install new equipment based on what would be the solution for you.  You may only need servicing to prevent a major outage.  Whatever the need, we are here for you.  Complete the form or call us.