Dependable and Experienced HVAC Repair

I have an experiment for you, don’t worry there’s no math involved and there are cupcakes to eat! 🙂

Pick up the phone and call for a technician to come and repair your dishwasher.  Chances are you will get to talk to an answering machine. Then if you get someone to call back they say they’ll be there Friday.  Then what happens on Friday? Hope you have a sandwich close by because you’ll need it by the time you wait all day.  (Hint: they aren’t coming, go ahead and eat the sandwich)

Well, call them back what are you waiting for!?  They got tied up and couldn’t make it, the battery on their phone was dead, there was a flood, tornado…  They will be there this Friday for sure. Go ahead and make a fresh sandwich because you’ll probably need that one too.

Let’s say a technician does show up, maybe even on the day they were supposed to.  They fidget around for a few hours only to tell you “It’s broken, and you need a new one”.  You might say “But it’s only 5 years old!”, to which they reply “We can order this ridiculously expensive electronic gizmo and try to see if that fixes it”.  Try…? Really…?

Any of this sound familiar?  It is a real problem that plagues the home services industry not only in our area but everywhere.  This is a problem that has frustrated me for years, which is why I’ve created a completely new process to handle HVAC repairs.

Mundy’s Heating and Air Office Number

Now pick up the phone and call our office 800-245-4822.  It’s 2:30 am on a Saturday morning as you’re reading this?  No worries you will get a real person to answer your call. They will be kind and courteous, and they will gather all your information.  They will then pass that along to us (Because we’re in the bed sleeping, why are you up so late? Go to bed!). The following morning you will get a call from one of our representatives.  Either a service manager during the week, or a technician on the weekend.

This person will happily get you scheduled into the next available time slot.  That may not be today, or tomorrow even, but you will get a time slot. Now bake some cupcakes and put a little candle in one so that you can celebrate when the technician is headed to your home.  “How do I know when a technician is headed to my home?” you might ask. Well, on the morning of your appointment you will get a text, email, and/or phone call reminding you of your appointment. Then when the technician starts toward your home you will get another text, email, and/or phone call letting you know they are in route.  You’ll even get a picture of the tech with a short bio so that you will know who’s going to be in your home.

Impressed?  Well hang on because I’m not done yet.  (You can go ahead and eat that cupcake now though)

Now that an expert technician is on the job they will assess the situation which can take 20 minutes on average.  This is why we charge a diagnostic fee, we’ve made a house call and determined the problem. Now you will be presented with an exact estimate of how much it will cost for the repair.  No more mystery electronic gizmo that may or may not fix the problem. Did I mention that if my technician is wrong you don’t pay for the wrong part? (if you baked more cupcakes you can have another now, any excuse is a good one, right?)

After the technician leaves your home they are off to make someone else’s day and the process starts over again.  You will get a final text, email, and/or phone call to make sure your experience was just as good as I promised it would be.

We all know that not every system can be repaired.  Sometimes it is time to say goodbye to the machine that has kept you warm in the winter and cool in the summer for the last 15 years.  A new and more efficient system may be the best option. In that case you will be provided with an estimate for replacement. And yes, the price on the estimate is the final price when the job is complete.  (I still don’t understand why so many people ask this question. What kind of con artists have you been dealing with?)

As you might expect this process is very similar to the repair process.  We will be right there every step of the way. We can even help with financing if you need.  And of course throughout the process you will be notified of what’s going on anytime a significant event happens, and you’ll be prepared for the next step.

Superior Customer Service System for HVAC Repair 

So there, I hope you can agree that my vision of what a home services company could be, is exactly what it should be, and is no less than what you deserve.  So the next time you need some help with your HVAC system give us a call or try our online/Internet scheduling service, I’d love to show you how Mundy’s Heating and Air Repair system works!

Enjoy those sweets as cupcakes are a favorite!

Take care, we hope to speak with you soon!